53. IMC

Im a bit out of date and have a whole slew of stuff to update from the last few months in Bali and the states, but i wanted to throw up the process shots from the first few days at Illustration Masterclass... what an experience. Im not even going to try to sum it up until I've had some time to assimilate it all!

Here is the initial speedpainting that I submitted at the start of the week:

After some revisions, and with thanks to my model Rebecca - here's a bit of a kit bash. Though after Scott and Dan's demos it made this look like hack work!

Here is the drawing transfered (landmarks on an artograph projector, then drawn by eye from there)

And lastly tonight, 7 coats of Acrylic Matte to seal the canvas and then a layer of gesso on top to give the whole thing some nice chunky texture. Im going after a thick painterly finish akin to Nikolai Fechin (who is sitting up on the right of my board).

The IMC is incredible - and the people I have met here are some of the coolest on the planet. More when I can pick my melted brain up off the floor!