22. Weasel!

Evening :)

Today I have christened a new invention - a hybrid wacom-easel contraption I dub the Weasel 1.0!! I am having a lot of fun painting digitally but feeling the lower back pain and foot-sole cramps normally associated with arduous traditional painting!! Why suffer through these tormentuous horrors, you ask? Well it all has to do with freeing up my old friends Mr Elbow and Mr Shoulder, since Mr Wrist can get a bit selfish on the old wacom...

My only complaint is that this angle can force the wrist back a bit (will tweak the arrangement so its a bit lower i think) and that everything can get a little wobbly/unstable when the strokes start to get a bit faster. Overall though, it keeps me much more engaged in the painting.

Here are my sketches from the caffe this morning

This is another one from The Scar - Bellis and Silas strolling through Croom Park (a sprawling parkland/forest grown over old clippers and battleships). I feel the narrative/composition are a bit weak, but i had a lot of fun zoning out and rendering away over my venezualan crack-coffee :)

And the first work in progress for the new cover im doing - Turbo Love Remixes from The Bagraiders. WEEEE! its a bit unclear for now, but i think i have a fairly strong vision to see it out :) What you are looking at is the early stages of a large megacity in the shape of a woman lying prone, with a monolithic band logo behind her. Im going to try to go into as much complexity and detail as I can - particularly around the... er... focal points?? And im after a very cheesy, overtly sexual, miami-neon style aesthetic (which is all to do with the vibe of the band). More updates tomorrow/next day :)